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   Desktop Server 2000 - The easiest bulk email software in the world!
Are you ready to own the most HI-TECH new software on the net? Advertising with your PC has never been easier!! In the past you had to use your ISP's email server if you wanted to advertise via email. But Desktop Server 2000 has changed all that forever!! Desktop Server turns your PC into a "Real" Email server. What does this mean? This means that instead of using your ISP's email server, your computer can now bypass their entire email system and send all mail out directly through your PC.
   EMail Marketing 98 - The easiest bulk email software in the world!
Email Marketing 98 is our new high-end email marketing tool. It is one of the best extractors on the market while remaining price competitive. At the push of a button, Email Marketing 98 will retrieve Email addresses of the posters on an Internet news group or a series of groups. Then it will send your Email message to any or all of those addresses.
   Atomic Harvester - Easiest email address collector on the Net!
Atomic Harvester is so easy to use, a 12 year old can do it!!! Atomic Harvester will run day and night scouring the Internet for those hard to get web email addresses. Just type a word, press a button and watch it go!!! Even while you sleep at night, Atomic Harvester will collect thousands of email addresses for you!
   FREE bulk email List Manager
List Manager is a must have program for all bulk emailers.
   On Target 2001 - The fastest bulk email extractor in the world!
With On Target 2001, you can collect email addresses belonging to people living only in your marketing area. Using these addresses, you are able to advertise your business, event or idea to your locality using the Internet.
   Post News 2000 - The fastest newsgroup extractor in the world!
It's Here! Post News 2000 allows you to target market by posting to newsgroups that you select. Download our free demo today!
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