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Atomic Harvester is the most powerful email collection software on the net! Atomic Harvester will collect thousands of email addresses per hour!

Features of Atomic Harvester

  • Connect to a search engine using key words you provide to develop a list of URL's
  • Crawl the web starting with the above list while saving all the bulk email addresses you find
  • So simple a 12 year old could learn how to run it in 15 minutes.
  • Connect from 1 to 15 sites at once.
  • Avoid pages with keywords you provide
  • Automatically avoids spam trap pages.
  • Can be set to only accept pages with keywords you provide.
  • Allow you to pause it while going off line or other tasks.
  • Resume at the same place it left off even if your computer crashes.
  • Collect different lists of addresses for different markets.
  • Save a list of addresses to a file and add to them later.
  • Exclude top-level domains and text such as .mil or .gov
  • Manually edit, add, or delete items from your address or remove lists.
  • Load your remove list from a text file.
  • Save different remove lists for different address lists.
  • Extremely fast address extraction.
  • Runs on your desktop under Windows 95.
  • Deletes duplicate bulk email addresses, removes addresses with text you specify at the push of a button.

    Atomic Harvester is FREE when you order one of our other email programs!

    Or you can order it separately for only US$179.00!

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