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Desktop Server 2000 allows your PC to become a "REAL" Email server!


  • The easiest to use bulk email software on the net.
  • Send to 15 domains at once
  • No outgoing mail server is needed
  • Fast rate of sending
  • EXTREMELY simple setup
  • Setup wizard to help with the setup (easy though it is).
  • Mailing wizard to help you handle the send.
  • Uses fewer net resources than normal mailer programs.
  • Imports and exports addresses from standard text files.
  • Easy to use toolbar.
  • Automatically removes duplicates
  • Automatically removes domains such as .mil or .gov
  • Automatically removes addresses with "abuse",etc.
  • No additional software required. (other than your net connection)
  • Name your own email server.
  • Runs on any online service with Internet capability
  • Totally windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT compatible.
New Features added in 2000 Version
  • New database system for managing addresses. List management has never been easier! 
  • Easier address entry! No more entering addresses one at a time. 
  • Personalization of email. You can now personalize each email by dynamically adding the first name, full name, or email address of the recipient into each message.
  • Easy to read reports on how well your mailing is sending.
  • More accurate mailings. You will know how exactly how many addresses were sent, how many failed, etc. 
  • Simpler user interface. This includes accurate progress bars, flat toolbars, improved mailing wizard, etc. 
  • Manual access to your mailing lists.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • Compatible with various MTI extractors.
  • Automatically exclude domains and top-level domains.
  • Run on your windows desktop to control your mailings.
  • You can attach a file or image to your email with ease.
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