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Desktop Server 2000 allows your PC to become a "REAL" bulk email server!

Advertise your website or business to thousands of people a day for free!

Well, it's finally here....Desktop Server 2000 is finished. And this new generation of our software has many improvements over Desktop Server 98. What are they? First, the main engine that has always powered Desktop Server 2000 has been replaced. This engine has been replaced with a whole new type of server technology. This makes the new Desktop Server 2000 more than 3 times faster than Desktop Server 2000 was. Second, we gave desktop server a complete face-lift to make it even more user friendly than it's ever been.

Plus we added a whole new database system that will make importing and exporting large lists even faster. No more waiting for large lists to load. But this new database has an even more powerful feature. Now Desktop Server 2000 comes with the ability for the user to personalize their messages. This means you can associate the recipients name with every email address in your list and have that name included in every letter that goes out. This makes letters more professional looking and gives your emails more credibility. People are more likely to read an email that starts of with their own personal name at the top. Such as Dear Bob, or Hi Jane etc.

And as always, Desktop Server 2000 is the only bulk email software we know of that automatically configures itself to run on your computer. Most other bulk email programs on the market require you to get DNS numbers from your ISP which can be a hassle. Desktop Server 2000 automatically looks up these DNS numbers. So it doesn't matter if you don't even know what a DNS number is. This is one of the features that makes Desktop Server 2000 the EASIEST BULK EMAIL SOFTWARE in the world to use. Even a total computer beginner can install Desktop Server 2000 and have it sending mail within minutes. Plus you still get Atomic Harvester 2000 FREE when you purchase Desktop Server 2000. Atomic Harvester 2000 will collect thousands of fresh email addresses for you everyday at the click of one button.

And the most important feature in Desktop Server 2000 is its ability to cloak your emails. Desktop Server 2000 makes it very difficult for grumpy complainers to figure out who your internet provider is. And since bulk email is such a controversial subject, it's important to do everything you can to protect your identity. Obviously you want to keep your internet service provider from knowing you are sending bulk email. Desktop Server 2000 is one of the only bulk email programs that can do this effectively. We're not saying it's impossible for someone to find out who your internet provider is.....We're just saying it's not easy for anyone to find out who your provider is. That's important!

Note - Desktop Server 98 owners can upgrade to the new DS 2000 version for only US$149.00! Click here to order.

New Software turns a PC into an Email Server!

A major technological breakthrough has recently ocurred in the way you can send email with your PC. MTI has just released a software program that turns any typical personal computer into a "Professional Email Server." Anyone who owns a business or website will be able to use this new software to advertise their business via email without the hassles typically associated with advertising by email.

Instead of using the email server resources of an internet provider, Desktop Server 2000 allows a personal PC to handle the work. Even those who are opposed to advertising via email will find one major benefit to using this software. Desktop Server 2000 prevents internet traffic and slowed connection speeds. Because users of Desktop Server 2000 are not using their internet providers email servers, this type of software helps keep the internet running faster than ever.

With so much controversy about what to do about "Bulk Email" in the news lately, Desktop Server 2000 offers a reasonable solution. If all email advertisements were sent using Desktop Server 2000, there would be a lot less complaints from people opposed to advertising via Email. Desktop Server 98 could very well be where the future of internet advertising is heading.

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